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  • Nazlı Özek

A Look at Leadership

There have been great economic, political and sociological changes throughout the world in the last few years. This change also affects the working life deeply. In order to adapt to the new world order, increase efficiency and performance, and strengthen employee ties, remote working and hybrid working systems are being tested and working hours are rearranged. In addition to their own work, organisations now have to deal with many unknowns in other areas of life.

While systems that do not work and cannot be transformed in the working environment are disabled, new systems that will adapt to changing needs have been built rapidly. Research shows that during this period, trust in organisations and leaders is at very low levels, and employee loyalty continues to decline rapidly. Organisations are reconsidering their managerial processes and leadership approaches within these realities. The rapid change in the business world also raises expectations from managers… Managers now need to make better use of the resources they have, to do lower cost, faster, higher quality and sustainable work.

The leaders of the new era are expected to be intuitive, highly emotional, self-aware, dynamic, resilient, agile, flexible, transparent, sincere and collaborative. Leaders should build trust with all stakeholders and have the power to create sustainable change and transformation. They need to create an inspiring vision for a better future and ensure that all their employees walk with inspiration and faith on the path that will lead to this vision.

In this period when coaching and consultancy support is more important than ever we work with leaders and leading teams to make it easier to respond to the ever-changing demands of the business world.

Nazlı Özek


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