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We exist to support leaders build equal, fair, diverse and inclusive future. We serve this goal by supporting women leaders sharpen their leadership skills to break the glass ceiling and move forward in their careers with confidence. We also work with organisations to amplify their business approach that embraces the values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The representation of women at the highest level is of great importance in eliminating the problem of inequality in the business world, ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace. The fact that women are included in the boards of directors and women in leadership positions are now considered as the main indicator that institutions have a solid business understanding is progress.

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According to the “Global Gender Inequality Index Report 2021” of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the time it will take for women to have equal access to education, health, and economic opportunities has increased from 99.5 years, before the COVID-19 Pandemic, to 135.6 years after COVID, moving us back by a generation- if progress continues at the same rate without intervention.

The most important condition for sustainable development is to ensure the use of production factors and workforce at the highest level and efficiency. Contributing to and taking responsibility for “gender equality”, which is the 5th article of the UN Millennium Development Goals, is now a priority and essential for organisations as well as state and local governments. It is an indispensable necessity for companies to address this issue, which deeply affects society and the economy, to produce solutions and to contribute to fulfilling their responsibilities to society.

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