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We all have intelligence, capacity and creativity to overcome our own challenges. We all have a rich inner resource. However, when there are too many noises and distractions outside, it is almost impossible to hear our own inner voice. Echo exists to create a safe reflective space for you to hear your inner voice.


We support organisations for sustainable change, development and transformation with our unique solutions that will bring out the best performance in its leaders and leading teams.


We have a unique business model that combines coaching, consulting and family business experience with organisational clinical psychology expertise. We develop tailored made and situation-specific solutions by combining different disciplines.


We focus on what is below the surface. We contribute to the system establishing the balance between people and work and strengthening the bond between them.

Bakış Açımız


We support leaders and leading teams to inspire the communities they lead…

We help you to have self-discovery, self-awareness and adaptability to change on the path of your leadership journey.


It is our greatest passion to bring out your best performance to improve your business, strengthen and sharpen your leadership skills, and to support you to be an inspiring leader!

Being human is unique; change is a journey into the unknown


For this reason, uniform solutions and common formulas cannot provide solutions in change processes that focus on “human”.

​ ​

There are risks to be taken in change and important decisions to be made. Stepping into the unknown, adapting to the new, establishing new systems; it requires breaking the routine and stepping out of the comfort zone. Having a support, which will facilitate the work, add different perspectives, and accompany with confidence, has a great role in this process.

​ ​

We are all part of a system that we both affect and are affected by. For sustainability, it is important the balance between work and people is maintained. Evaluating each individual and the situation in their own circumstances, addressing them by combining different disciplines brings along unique solutions, targeted sustainable change and development.



Nazlı Özek

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Executive and Team Coach, INSEAD Executive Coach, Leadership Development Consultant, Family Business Consultant, Entrepreneur.


Passionate about learning, development, change and transformation.

She graduated from the University of Essex, UK with Double Major degree in Politics and Economics. She completed professional coaching training at Adler International, then completed her Executive Master's degree in Organisational Clinical Psychology from INSEAD Business School.


She started her career as an import specialist at Matset A.Ş., a family company that is one of the biggest supplier companies in its sector, in 2001. During her career she took part in different managerial and leadership positions. Until 2019, she served as the Deputy General Manager of Supply Chain and Finance. She is still a member of the Board of Directors.

​ ​

In 2010, she decided to focus on her coaching and consulting work and worked as a senior consultant and managing partner at Vector Consulting and Mentor Leadership Development Consulting. Now she continues her work in her own venture, ECHO Consulting and INSEAD Business School.

​ ​

She developed a unique business model that combines coaching, consulting, family business experience with organisational clinical psychology expertise. It offers sustainable change with its multidisciplinary solutions and systematic approach developed specifically for the individual and the situation.

​ ​

It is her greatest passion to support her clients to bring out their best performance in order to improve their business, strengthen and sharpen their leadership skills, and to support them to be inspiring leaders.


She works on women's leadership, diversity, and inclusion. She is also excited to share her experiences with university students and contribute to their development.

She is a certified masters swimmer who competes in open water and pool competitions. She lives in Istanbul with her husband and her 2 daughters. 


- Politics and Economics (double major), University of Essex

- Executive Masters in Organisational Clinical Psychology, INSEAD Business School

- Professional Coaching Diploma Program, Adler International

- Psychodynamic Group Coaching, Kets De Vries Institute (KDVI)

- Existential Psychotherapy, Existential Academy

- Systemic Team Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)

- Leadership and Character in Uncertain Times- Organisational Leadership, Harvard University Kennedy School

- Independence Board Member Certification and Mentoring Program for Women Directors, Women on Board Association Turkey


- Executive Coaching

- Team and Group Coaching

- Leadership Consultancy

- Family Business Consultancy

- Organisational Clinical Psychology Specialization

- Strategy Implementation

- Performance Improvement

- Women's Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion


- Matset A.S., Board Member

- Women on Board Association Turkey, Member of the Supervisory Board

- Printing Industry Education Foundation, Member of the Board of Directors / Chairman of the Scholarship Committee

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